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We are Scott and Joy — and thanks for checking out HowWeRoam!
Our mission is to inspire your travel plans — especially for honeymoons and other epic adventures — with his-and-hers hotel reviews of our favourite places we’ve stayed around the world.
We’ve each visited over 50 countries, and we’ll share our tips and tricks for making every trip feel like a honeymoon on our blog, Rules of the Roam.
Why save the world from hum-drum hotel experiences? Here’s the story:

 HIS: This all got started when I set out to plan our honeymoon. Joy and I are avid travellers, and my options were literally endless. I went online in search of ideas, and a tool that would highlight destinations featuring the luxury, adventure and romance I wanted for our trip. What I found was that most online resources want you to already know where you’re going and when, and are, ahem, less than masculine. I couldn’t get caught honeymoon planning at work, with all those hearts and roses on the screen! Plus, I found I wanted a woman’s perspective on the hotels, activities and restaurants available — without having to tip off my travelling companion or any of her loyal friends.
HowWeRoam is our attempt to fill this sad void, one hotel review at a time and we’re hoping you’ll help us out. Since our honeymoon (at the spectacular Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle — I did alright!), we’ve planned every trip with this question in mind: would we honeymoon here? It’s made for some great travel, and our answers may surprise you.
HERS:  We’re pretty pleased with the fact that we’ve been on every continent together — except Antarctica, but give us time — and lived to tell the tales. Scott and I met while studying internationally, so packing only carry-on and asking the big questions are pretty much the founding principles of our relationship!
Where would you go if you could go anywhere? What would make your trip feel like the perfect honeymoon? Think of HowWeRoam as the online equivalent of swapping road stories with friends — and we want to hear your stories too! I find all those anonymous (or worse, fake!) reviews online to be more overwhelming than helpful. My friends know me and what I like: I trust their judgment and love getting to know them better through their travels. Because, let’s face it, it’s not what you look at but how you see that defines you. Scott and I always notice and enjoy different parts of our travels and our shared perspectives help make the experiences that much richer. I’m sure it’s a big part of what keeps us in love, with each other and with travel!

DISCLAIMERS: We have really been to all these places; we only review our favourites. We took these photos ourselves; if we didn’t, they’re sourced. We write what we really think. None of these properties have paid us to review them, but who are we kidding, we hope they will one day! If they ever do, we’ll disclose that too. We trust that travellers who share their stories with us are playing by the same rules. Thanks!

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