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July 15th, 2015

Do you ever think about the origins of travel?  I’m no anthropologist, but it seems to me we have to thank everything from the first explorers to the Grand Tour to the advent of the automobile for our current tourism landscape.  Even the choice of terminology can be a subject of hot debate.  Are you a traveller?  A tourist?  A globetrotter even???  What makes people pack a bag and, Hobbit-style, get swept out their own front doors?
For me, it’s hooray for empiricism.  Travel is a way of seeing it for myself.  And when I see it for myself, it usually changes the way I look at the world.  And when that changes, I change too.  I like to meet people, learn about other cultures, and gain whatever fleeting insight I can into what makes them tick.  The sound of an airplane taking off makes my heart beat a little faster, I am that girl who quizzes the taxi driver on the local news and I love love love building my catalogue of mental images so that, wherever I am, I can always be down that cobblestone street, in that museum, or on that beach.
So, you can think of this website as a bit of our travelogue online, and this blog as the chat you have with friends when you get home, all about your adventures, the hows and whys of travel, the best tools, newest toys and tested theories of the road.  We want to inspire your honeymoon travel and other epic adventures, whether they’re classic, trendy or just plain unique.  How do you decide where to go and what to do?  We’d love to hear your stories – it’s HowWeRoam!
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