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Online Travel Reviews — Can’t trust them, can’t live without them?
Now, to the thorny problem of online travel reviews… I can’t stand what I’ll call the TripAdvisor Effect: 100 excellent ratings and 100 horrible ratings for the same property or tour.  How can that be?  Who to believe?  What is *wrong* with people!?!? It’s true, the online world has democratized travel and opened wide the magical doors of self-directed planning and purchasing.
Hello World!
Do you ever think about the origins of travel?  I’m no anthropologist, but it seems to me we have to thank everything from the first explorers to the Grand Tour to the advent of the automobile for our current tourism landscape.  Even the choice of terminology can be a subject of hot debate.  Are you a traveller?  A tourist?  A globetrotter even???  What makes people pack a bag and, Hobbit-style, get swept out their own ...
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